Attention Australia! Our way of living isn’t sustainable.

Captain Cleanup has a lot to say about Clean and Healthy Communities!

You can hear him sing and talk about litter. You can also download worksheets suitable for lower to middle primary.

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World Population

7.5 Billion

Plastic Bags Used

5 Trillion per year

Plastic Bags Recycled

Less than 1% per year


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The Earth Cannot Sustain our Waste.

There are 7.5 Billion people on the planet. By 2025 population will be about 8 billion and we could hit 9 billion by 2045.

We already require 1.5 planets to handle our consumption and waste. By the 2030’s we will need two planets to sustain us.

5 trillion plastic bags will be used up this year.

That makes it 160,000 bags per second! Create a chain of them and it would surround the world seven times each hour and encompass an area twice the size of France.

Most bags are put merely into the trash

Recycling is only less than one percent. Polyethylene is the main constituent used to create plastic bags which takes ages to decompose. Each ton of plastic bags that we recycle saves an amount of energy equal to that of 11 oil drums!

What is the fate of these plastic bags?

Per year in total, we consume 100 million tons of plastic. Around 10% of this plastic finishes up in the oceans – and certainly brings in consequences.

Plastic Hodgepodge/Potpourri

In the ocean, plastic disintegrates into tiny pieces. These pieces get consumed by fish and they are unable to digest it. As a result, the plastic kingdom expands and makes its way into the food chain thus inadvertently being ingested by all living creatures (Eg: humans, birds, sea life, reptiles, land mammals, etc).


It’s time to join the 5 R’s Revolution


for the other purpose of everything and also the ways to educate and inform people about not using plastic.


materials that are safe to be used over and over again (eg. Refillable water/drink bottles, containers, etc).


all reusable materials such as paper, glass, aluminium, plastics and buy items made from recycled materials.


using plastic because it’s not easy to dissolve. We can also reduce plastic consumption by living simply and promoting the use of reusable containers and cloth grocery bags.


to buy any plastic items that are really not needed. Plastic things refused today will provide better things tomorrow.

Single use plastic has the potential of directly harming you.

Ocean debris worldwide kills at least 2 million sea birds and 100,000 mammals each year.

To really make a difference we must tackle plastic at every stage of its lifecycle – not just when it reaches the ocean but starting with its production.

We have to understand that the problem of marine plastic pollution is now critical and we have to do something before it is too late.

It’s high time to take care of OUR BLUE PLANET before it gets converted to A PLASTIC PLANET.

It’s high time to RETHINK PLASTIC.

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