Plastic bags have been around for over 30 years and it’s estimated that worldwide 1 trillion of them are used and discarded every year.


Australian’s use around 3.92 billion of them each year- that’s over 10 million new bags used every day!


And it’s not just plastic bags we should be worried about. Take a look around your home and you’ll see single use plastic everywhere: in your pantry, bathroom cupboard, in your drawers…


But what’s the problem?


The plastic bottles, bags and takeaway containers we use for just for a few minutes use a material that is designed to last forever!


These plastics:

* Break up, not break down – becoming permanent pollution

* Are mostly down-cycled (made into low grade product for just one more use) or sent to landfill

* ‘Escape’ from bins, trucks, events etc. to become ‘accidental litter’

* End up in waterways and the ocean – where scientists predict there will be more tonnes of plastic than tonnes of fish by 2050

* Transfer to the food chain – carrying pollutants with them

* Increase our eco-footprint – plastic manufacturing consumes 6% of the world’s fossil fuels


Every bit of plastic ever made still exists and in the first 10 years of this century the world economy produced more plastic than the entire 1900’s!


Co-Founder of Plastic Free July’s Challenge Rebecca Prince-Ruiz shares some great tips to reduce our use of this harmful pollutant. Listen above.